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Please call for an appointment:

Bow Rehairs and Repairs
All bows are cleaned, polished and rehaired with excellent quality Siberian stallion hair. A selection of hair is available to meet the needs of the player. Services available include new thumb leathers, wire and whalebone grips, straightening/re-cambering, and tip replacements.
Instrument Repairs
Each instrument repair includes a careful evaluation and free estimate before
any work begins.  I do violin, viola, cello, and bass repairs from minor adjustments to complete restoration. When you visit my violin shop you are assured that you are talking directly with the person caring for your instrument. I am the sole owner and repairman and work exclusively on bowed string instruments.
New Handcrafted Instruments
I have made more than 80 instruments (violin, viola and cello) and sold instruments to players around the world who appreciate a hand-crafted musical instrument with the assurance that the maker guarantees his workmanship and can work with a player to customize the materials and performance of the instrument. 
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