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about me

my love of the history and the craft of stringed instruments

To me, the violin form (including violas, cellos, basses, gambas and more) is one of the most exquisite objects made from wood. When players bring beautiful sounds to life from my creations, I can do nothing other than pursue the skills needed to create a “more perfect” instrument!

I have extensive woodworking experience and a Bachelors Degree from VCU in painting and printmaking but when I realized that I also wanted a better violin for myself to play, I started learning how to make them and fell in love with the process.  While some current ‘makers’ start with pre-cut pieces, or even violins that are already made but left unfinished (referred to as ‘in the white’), I do everything myself, including hand selecting the wood that begins the process.  Since 1989, I have made more than eighty instruments, and continue to study current best practices, and attend workshops with other makers to share knowledge and skills and to maintain an active membership in the global luthier community. 

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